Opel is a German company founded in 1862 by Adam Opel. It became a car manufacturer in 1899. Since 2021, the brand is a subsidiary of the Stellantis Group. The founder, Adam Opel, was the son of a German ironmonger who had the idea to manufacture sewing machines after seeing a French invention in Paris. However, there was insufficient production capacity in his father's workshop, so he made only five machines. In 1899, Opel bought an automobile production license from Friedrich Lutzmann, a court locksmith, and began producing cars with the Opel Patent Motor Car, System Lutzmann.

The factory was transferred to Rüsselsheim and managed by Fritz and Wilhelm Opel. Opel was owned by General Motors from 1929 to 2017, and then by PSA Peugeot-Citroën until the merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2021. The company produces a range of cars, light commercial vehicles and engines, with the most popular models being the Corsa, Astra, Manta and Insignia. Opel vehicles are also sold under the Vauxhall brand in the UK and Holden in Australia.

To extend the life of your classic cars, Gryp 3D offers you exchange parts such as the sun visor hanger and the headlight dish adjustment for your Opel Manta, as well as the coolant reducer for your Opel Corsa.

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