The company founded in 1857 as Alex Wilson and Company by Alexander Wilson, a Scottish marine engineer, who started out making marine engines and pumps, became Vauxhall, a car manufacturer. Based in London, it is a sister company of Opel and has been owned by the Stellantis Group since 2021.

Its current models are mostly derived from the German Opel brand, modified for the British market and roads, including the right-hand mounted steering wheel. From 1925 to 2017, it was, along with Opel, part of the General Motors Group, and from 2021 of the PSA Group. The name comes from a small Anglo-Norman nobleman, the knight Foulques de Bréauté, who inherited a house called "Faulk's hall", a name that was changed to Vauxhall over time.

In our catalogue you can find the chrome cigarette lighter knob and clock surround in full finish for your Vauxhall Victor. At Gryp 3D we help you to extend the life of your classic cars.

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