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3D printing

The different stages of manufacturing

At GRYP, additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing involve several stages :


A tailor-made service to carry out your projects. We advise you throughout the development process thanks to our expertise


It is carried out by our team of 3D designers, thanks to their experience we optimise the future design of the parts.


We manufacture your parts with different raw materials thanks to our large format machines. GRYP is committed to a high level of quality in the production of your parts.


We deliver your parts and provide a personalised after-sales service to guarantee your satisfaction.

Gryp's equipment pool

At Gryp we have

all the equipment necessary for the creation of your car parts

and industrial parts in the best conditions:

DLP machine,

ideal for the rapid production of small & medium series parts, with unrivalled precision and repeatability.

FDM composites machine,

allows the production of high strength parts with a quality equal to that of subtractive machine tools

FDM machine,

suitable for the production of large parts

Cutting machine,

for cutting self-adhesive vinyl for the production of stickers


3D scanner

Thanks to the Artec 3D scanner, we can quickly model the parts you send us. This 3D scanning technology is able to acquire the most complex shapes of car and motorbike parts.

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Design office

Whatever your remanufacturing project is, it must first go through a 3D modelling phase. This modelling is the most important part of the manufacturing process, whether it is based on a 3D scan or designed initially.

Our team in Bordeaux, trained by the largest automotive suppliers and manufacturers, allows for some re-design when the project permits. Indeed, the 3D printing process can free us from certain 3D modelling rules intended for conventional production and which sometimes weaken the parts.

Our office is also available for all your industrial projects, for the creation of prototypes from specifications or the reproduction of parts for your machines.

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Industrial 3D printing

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Manual finishing

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