The brand was founded in 1914 in Bologna by Alfieri Maserati, one of seven brothers, five of whom were involved in car development. The sixth brother, Mario, an artist, is said to have designed the brand's iconic trident.

In 1917, Alfieri began manufacturing spark plugs, and in 1922 he and his brother Ettore were hired to create a racing car for Diatto. In 1926, the two brothers decided to build their own racing cars, which marked the real launch of the Maserati car brand. The first Maserati car, called Tipo 26, was developed from the Diatto in 1926. Despite the sporting success, the company was sold to Adolfo Orsi in 1948.

Among the brand's iconic models, you can find spare parts such as the pair of door latch covers or the fuel cap with gasket for your Maserati Mistral, as well as the pair of door latch covers for your Maserati Spyder, as well as other parts for the 4200, Quattroporte and Ghibli models. Gryp 3D can help you extend the life of your classic cars.

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