Simca stands for "Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie Automobile". It was originally a Franco-Italian company set up by Fiat to produce licensed vehicles in France, sold under the Simca Fiat brand. This method allowed Fiat to sell its models in France without paying customs duties, as Simca was a French company. The brand was legally created on 2 November 1934 and production began on 1 July 1935.

Simca then absorbed Ford France in December 1954, inheriting the modern Poissy factory and the range of American-style V8 models, such as the "Simca Vedette" which replaced the "Ford Vedette".

In our catalogue, you will find parts for various Simca models such as the bonnet logo for the Simca 1100, the hub cap and steering wheel centre in full finish for the Simca 1307, as well as parts for the Versailles, Ariane, Bagheera models, etc. Gryp 3D helps you extend the life of your classic cars.

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