Lancia is an Italian car manufacturer founded in 1906 in Turin by Vicenzo Lancia. On November 29 of the same year, Vicenzo Lancia, Claudio Fogolin and Davide Aupicci founded the company "Lancia & C. Fabbrica Automobili". The company rented the workshops of a former car manufacturer in Turin, Itala.

However, in February 1907, a fire broke out in the workshop, destroying all the plans and the prototype of the first Lancia car, which postponed the presentation of this prototype until September 1907.Despite this, the brand made its mark with some models such as the Lancia Flamina, the Lancia Fulvia and the Fulvia Zagato

In our catalogue you can find the headlight glass retainer for your Lancia Flamina, the submerged pump fitting and the sunroof handle for your Lancia Delta. Gryp 3D helps you to extend the life of your classic cars.

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