Manual finishing

In order to offer you a perfect finish, we have decided to work manually.

The parts that leave our workshop must pass through our hands, whatever their level of finish.

This work is similar to that of a coachbuilder.

This allows us to control in detail the finishes we apply to our parts.

The finishing process consists of several steps :

After printing, the part is cleaned in order to remove the supports related to the 3D printing.

The part is then sanded, so that the various irregularities present at the time of printing are erased.

After sanding, the part is filled: the various cavities still present and which form micro-irregularities are plugged. It is then sanded again. The resulting piece will be even smoother than if it had only been sanded. This finish gives you the freedom to paint your piece as you wish.

After priming, the next step is the complete finish. This consists of painting the resulting piece. We have chosen to work with a highly resistant paint and varnish specific to the automotive and industrial sectors.

These different treatment steps allow us to obtain an optimal result that is as close as possible to the original part.

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