Restoration by Scan 3D

New restoration possibilities with our 3D scanner!

At GRYP, in addition to our passion and experience, we use industrial technologies designed to meet all specifications. Starting with our 3D scanner, a real asset in the restoration of classic cars.


Passionate about everything related to classic cars, Bastien Vanlathem and Gauthier Laviron can count on the advantages of 3D scanners.

In traditional circuits, designers manually capture the cuts and dimensions of parts. However, this method does not allow the production of complex parts and requires a lot of time. In order to offer you better reactivity and industrial quality, we have equipped ourselves with the Leo Scanner from Artec

With the advent of 3D scanners, the time and money saved is real. Indeed, the machines used by GRYP offer ultra-precise results and deliver high quality 3D data down to the smallest detail. This makes it easier to target individual parts for restoration.

The individual scans are then merged into 3D modelling software. The latter processes the data and ensures that any gaps are corrected. The final result of these scans can then be used as the basis for 3D printing. This revolutionary method on the market has enabled GRYP to solve the most technical constraints in a personalised and rapid manner.

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